Overseas Jitterbug TikTok + foreign trade B2B cross-border e-commerce B2C will be the next major win

The amazing development speed of domestic Jitterbug and the number of tycoons created in just a few years, I believe I don't need to introduce you to it is very clear. And the current international version of ShakeTok, TikTok, is currently in a period of savage growth and dividends similar to the domestic ShakeTok 2018. As we all know, where there is traffic, where there are business opportunities. Overseas international version of Jitterbug TikTok contains huge overseas traffic and business opportunities, such traffic, for our cross-border e-commerce businessmen, will it be the next wave of major dividends?

Here are a few big data of overseas international version of Jitterbug TikTok for your study.

1, research agency Sensor Tower released the latest data in April 2021, TikTok reigned as the top global mobile application downloads in the first quarter of 2021, and the current international version of ShakeTok TikTok has more than 2.6 billion installed base worldwide, and the number of global monthly activity has exceeded 1.4 billion. With such a huge amount of traffic in front of us, anyone who has played with traffic knows what these numbers mean.

2, the international version of Shake TikTok is currently in use in more than 154 countries around the world, involving 75 languages. So, language is not a barrier, the visual is the most intuitive impact. The development of the global 5G network has cleared the way for the global popularity of short videos.

3, the international version of ShakeTok TikTok global users spend more than 850 minutes per month on this app. Where the user's time is, where the customer is, where the business opportunity is.

4, the international version of Shake TikTok parent company byte jumping the latest market value of $ 180 billion. According to the latest industry authorities conservative estimates TikTok ecological business can develop 50 billion dollars market value companies, five 10 billion dollars market value companies.

5, TikTok gave $200 million to reward creators in June 2020 and has promised to keep investing $2 billion to reward creators in the next three years. So this is a blue ocean project that can continue to make money. Currently TikTok on more than 2 billion users only less than 300,000 creators, compared to the number of domestic Jitterbug entrants can be imagined in which the bonus cash opportunities.

As a foreign trade cross-border e-commerce veteran, from 2018 began to focus on TikTok overseas traffic, I personally believe that the current layout of overseas Jitterbug TikTok project is ripe. What does Yuanfang think?

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