Differentiation of domestic and foreign shake IP creation

Hello, everyone, I'm Jacky.

Since the inception of this overseas knowledge payment project, the question I've been asked most often is.

'We Chinese must have a very high threshold to make original videos in the overseas version of TikTok, right?'

In fact, this is a preconceived proposition, because 99% of the pals who ask this question have never tried to make original TikTok videos. And my answer is simple: I went to shoot, fire.

OK, then again, why do I shoot the original video in foreign shake sound will be fire? What are the factors of fire?

 I will give you the answer you want in this article. This article is purely a personal experience sharing, I hope you take what you need. If you like it, remember to forward the likes and then see ~

First of all, to explore the differentiation of domestic and foreign Shake IP, I will analyze from 3 dimensions.

1. video quality

2. user aesthetics

3. user behavior


Video quality:The more earthy, the more low, the more original, the more loved

       Among the many companies that do overseas versions of ShakeOut are uniformly introduced to the public as:TikTok is the domestic Jitterbug of 2-3 years ago.

      What was the domestic Jitterbug like 2-3 years ago? Everyone remembers the national finger dance, the dirt high video, and the millions of likes even if you just throw a glass of water!

      Now TikTok is in such a period. It is crucial to know this! At that time the user will not even think about cash, very few teams will come out to do fine video, everyone is in a feeling very fresh and fun stage. Foreigners are not it? I spend 4-6 hours a day constantly to brush the TikTok video, in order to find the sense of network!

     At least at this stage, basically every ordinary, without any shooting editing basis, in the TikTok video can be fire!

     This time there will be smart partners will come out and say: that I according to the domestic standards, high-quality production of beautiful short video, is not crushing them?

     Sorry, we have tested it, it will not.

     The earliest time we did originality in November 20, the first test was this idea. High-quality videos bring less than 1,000 plays. and still we spend a lot of time to do script planning, IP positioning, video shooting, editing. Every day, we made 10 IP accounts, each with 1 daily update, for 2 weeks. What we got back was only a few fans.

     My own personal IP account once wanted to abandon the number, but just the day before abandoning the number, I casually sent a hot video (pure self-loathing). As a result, when I arrived at work the next morning, my colleague came over and told me that

 'Your video exploded!'


       My first thought was still that a certain elaborate video was finally up, and when I looked, that dabbling video 12,000 plays! By the time I went back in the afternoon, it had gone to more than 80,000 plays. By the next day, it went to 130,000 plays.

       Through these tests we will find that when most of the videos that people like are simple, crude, low, funny and vulgar, the beautiful videos that we present will not get much attention.

        (Here I believe some professional video team will come out to refute that our video content is not good, so it is not hot enough. Then I also very much hope that a more professional short video team can come in TikTok together to create original videos, one more test, one more data.)

       Why does this happen at this stage of the platform? It is because the video quality is in its infancy, and the content that people like to see is simply produced content. And most of the creators are ordinary players, the platform's policy at this stage is more to absorb fresh ordinary players into the platform, has not yet gone to the period of hope to improve the overall video quality. For example, when everyone is tired of watching cheesy videos, the platform will naturally push the focus of traffic towards higher video quality. At that time, you will feel, it turns out that I just need to do a good job of short video, I really will have a very high number of plays.

       Back to the present, why I still highly recommend that you start to enter the overseas ShakeYin track as early as possible. The reason is that this is the simplest and easiest time to get started, and it's really a matter of minutes to get popular. I've witnessed too many accounts quickly rise in popularity because of a few mindless video screens. The majority of our IP accounts, including our own, also started quickly through simple videos.


User aesthetics:Cultural differences, stems, laughs, or low?


Will the video screen taken by Asian faces be a hit?

I was most surprised that this was the question I was asked the most over the past few months.

The answer is still the same: I went and shot it and it was a hit.

The overseas version of TikTok is an international platform with a variety of colors, languages and faces. Some common points, even if a different person to perform, the same can Get.


   At this stage, TikTok's user aesthetic is still at a very early stage, but it is different from the early domestic Jieyin Express. Why?

       Because there is a video platform overseas that we can't even match at home: Youtube, and the average video production accuracy on Youtube has far exceeded that of all domestic video platforms, including Bilibili, Jitterbug, Racer, and WeChat. Overseas creators already have a common concept of how to make a beautiful Youtube video. The aesthetics of the users are also based on the step-by-step improvement of these creators. Now, TikTok suddenly came out and let them find out that I don't need to make such elaborate videos, but also so many people like to watch them, and the play volume is even higher than Youtube! Then the aesthetics of the users on TikTok will also change with the feeling of the maker. At this stage TikTok users feel more like.

I'm used to seeing so many beautiful skins, and suddenly I find this platform has so many interesting souls, I love it so much!


      That's why you can see that TikTok is now filled with all kinds of stems, laughs, pan-entertainment, low, middle-aged, brainless and other elements. Then, since we understand the aesthetic habits of users on TikTok, the test we did was also updated with the aesthetics of users. This time the results are much better.

       We kept imitating popular videos from overseas, remaking them into videos with our IP attributes, and building our video matrix by rubbing hotspots. The effect is obvious, basically most of the videos will get 5000+ plays once they are sent out. Basically, every 5 videos will have 10,000 plays. And it is also feasible for different IPs to shoot the same popular video. This method of increasing the powder rate is very high, there are some videos that are not so hot, 6000 plays can also increase 200 powder.

       The cost of this fast original account method is that our team will spend a lot of time and energy every day to find hot spots, the same video screen, analyze the account. After finding a quick copy of the test, not to replace a group. So much so that we now have a lot of popular video screen material and methods stacked up in the background. The team is also getting more and more comfortable and mature. So if you have IP creation needs of individuals or companies, we are also very happy to do project matchmaking.


User behavior:Entertainment, relaxation, brush with addiction, look good

       If you're reading this and already have the urge to try to build an IP yourself, I'd welcome it, but at the same time I'd go and make you think twice. At this stage, TikTok's user behavior does not yet have a strong ability to cash in, so if you are running to cash in, it is advisable to jerk off to the fund.

       I believe we have all witnessed how strong the domestic Jitterbug vertical IP numbers are in terms of cashing in, so basically once you come up you will think I'm going to do a Jitterbug number to cash in.

       This is very normal, and we also think so. So much so that we began a 2-month-long test of vertical IP accounts. In the beginning, we started a variety of IPs, most of which were overseas knowledge IPs, teaching foreigners how to play TikTok through various forms, which is our domestic knowledge account. The test copy and video types are all the same, basically all the knowledge videos you can see on domestic Jitterbug and overseas TikTok, we have shot them all. However, the result was that none of the accounts could get up.

       We found by studying the fan interaction rate of our videos that there are actually still a lot of comments on these types of videos. Especially when we mentioned money, the comment section would be more questioning. Especially when we put screenshots of our creators' fund earnings on the video, the comments were like this picture is P, you can't earn so much with so few followers, you are cheating, etc.

        Of course, we have also optimized the comment orientation of our videos in many ways, similar to starting from a white IP to do experience sharing, or shaping a big brother's IP to do experience sharing. The comments section has changed significantly. But overall it still didn't bring much conversion.

       Ultimately, it is the user behavior of the platform that is still being cultivated. People haven't realized that it's possible to make money doing TikTok! It turns out that there are still these tricks! Or that I can learn through TikTok!

       The overall user behavior is still in a very early stage, entertainment, relaxation, funny mentality, they are very happy to contribute their own likes, comments, attention to the video that can make them laugh, for useful knowledge sharing has not yet gone to the point of collection.

       For this reason, I also contacted several bloggers who are also doing financial, e-commerce and knowledge sharing to ask them how they are doing. They answered me via video. (When others wiggle their asses there are millions of likes, while I did so many dry tutorials but only 100 likes.) It's generally very painful.

       Not only the knowledge industry, in other vertical areas, if you want to create a very vertical personal IP account, but also through the form of entertainment to account activity up first, and then to turn professional dry goods video.

       Here I also listed a full set of overseas IP building program, if you need a small partner, you can add my WeChat private chat: jackyluo2020

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