How to create overseas IP when there are cultural differences?

Hello, everyone, I'm Jacky Luo Weizhe.

Last article I talked about the difference between domestic and international Jitterbug from 1. video quality 2. user aesthetics 3. user behavior Three perspectives, today I'll share 3 ideas we have in creating original IP, hope it can bring you some inspiration!


       There is no difference in emotions

       The underlying logic of the Jitterbug explosion is entertainment. Most users prefer to see on Jitterbug or TIKTOK what looks good, what is fun, what is new, and even what is magical!

        When you feel such emotions inside someone's video, whether you are Chinese, British, or American, you will be attracted! The intensity of this emotion determines whether you will just look at it, or like it, comment on it, or retweet it.

         So, when we make our own original videos, we must express your content simply and exaggeratedly. Simple so that people can get your point, exaggerated to amplify the user's emotions. For example, the video of cross-dressing category. Easy to understand, and visual impact!

       Beauty is what all people aspire to

       Why are beauty numbers popular? Why is it popular to show off your wealth? Why are travel vlogs so hot?  There are many more examples.

       Because we all aspire to a better life! So, your video should also express a beautiful. Good looks, beautiful scenery, warmth of family, quality material, interesting soul, and many more, when your beauty shines on others, you will naturally become the light! There will also be many people willing to follow you!


 Business model will not change much

       Although the commercialization of the overseas version of Jitterbug is nowhere near as mature as the domestic one, the direction will not change much.

       In the matter of cashing in, foreigners and we have the same attitude!            

       So, the domestic Jitterbug business model are worth doing over on TIKTOK, which is exactly one of the reasons why we think tiktok is the windfall, it is the stage of running, now the layout, there is a greater chance to enjoy the first wave of dividends!


Today share 3 ideas to bring you, more detailed design depends on the characteristics and imagination of each person or brand! Create a very recognizable IP and produce better quality content. The rest is waiting to be blown up by the wind!

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