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    2021 TikTok Marketing: Grow Your Account With Valuable Content

We will share experience for how we earn $30,000 from TikTok within 3 months. 

★★★   Instroductor Introduction   ★★★




Founder of Parrot Media

 Graduated at UC Berkeley

5 years experience on Social Media

8 millions followers on TikTok

$30,000 income through TikTok in 3 months

★★★   Course Highlights   ★★★

Study in groups

Assistants will group participants randomly and the top three groups will be rewarded with cash and resources

Live Video Classes

Real-life appearances make the course learning more impressive and can be better remembered and absorbed

Practical operations

Each student must register a Jitterbug number the first three students will have cash prizes

★★★   Course Outline   ★★★


01. How to start earning money from TikTok

02. Why choose TikTok to earn money?

03. What you need to prepare?

04. TikTok platform description

05. TikTok users' behavior analysis

06. TikTok Creator Fund experience


07. 5 Pro Tips on Creator Fund

08. 5 Ways to earn money from TikTok as a beginner

09. Why need to start now?

10.How to start as a beginner?

Content Creation

11. TikTok developing stage analysis

12.Account analysis matrix

13. TikTok Creator Fund process

14. TikTok Operation cases study

15. How to use TikTok analytics

16. How to grow your own TikTok account organically

17. How to design content specifically for TikTok's algorithm


18. How to find the most suitable way to cash in your business?

19. If I don't have a product, how do I cash in?

20. How to choose between entertainment and cash?

21. 5 ways to cash in on TikTok at this stage

Frequently Asked Questions

22. What if I don't speak English?

23. Will it be affected if I am an Asian face?

24. What if my stream is restricted?

25. How come my work is always not played?

★★★   Why Should Choose Us?   ★★★

1、Provide multiple real estate channels and links

At this stage of TikTok's lack of real estate channels, we will provide participants with our exclusive real estate methods and links.

2、Provide an exclusive data analysis platform TikCreator

There is a data analysis team to help students quickly understand the account building situation and peer data. It helps students to complete their daily tasks more efficiently and become a Netflix IP as soon as possible.

3、Real-time hot news sharing

Keep track of the latest hot spots on the platform and don't miss any opportunities to rub it in!